Aadvark is a beacon sniffing app for iOS. Aadvark was designed and developed in the summer of 2014 to demo Swarm Mobile's beacon SDK to investors and customers. Swarm Mobile went on to be acquired by Groupon in November 2014. 

Aadvark was my summer project as a UX/UI design intern for Swarm Mobile. The conceptualization of the application was done by a fellow iOS development intern and myself. I did the UX/UI design for the app and the development was done by my fellow intern.

The project

The project was proposed to us by the lead engineer at Swarm as "Make an app that uses beacons. Also, pick a fun color and a weird animal."

 The problem we decided to solve was: How does a user navigate an take advantage of a sea of bluetooth hosted advertisements and coupons?

Persona: Olivia

A savvy, frequent shopper who loves a good deal


  • "If I don't absolutely need it, I rarely buy it."
  • "I've been keeping my eye out for a nice leather jacket. If I find a good deal, I can't pass it up."


  • Looks up items instore on her phone before purchasing.
  • Moves through the mall quickly. Doesn't dwell too long at any store.


  • I wish there was a way for me to know about deals near me instantly.
  • I get excited about new technology. Especially when it saves me money.


  • Gets tired shopping for too long.
  • Feels excited by deals and like she hit the jackpot.

Pain Points

So many stores, not enough time

I often can't find out about deals unless I enters the store 

Keeping track of coupons is a mess 

Getting ads about products that I don't care about is annoying


The solution to our first problem, how to navigate hundreds of beacons, was to have a filtering system. Olivia could select the categories of products that she is interested in and then, based on a tag system, Aadvark would only surface beacons that contained messages matching her preferences. 

The solution to our second problem, how to take advantage of the coupons, was to integrate a coupon wallet into the app. Olivia would be able to save coupons she found, use them, and have a history of her savings. 

Why an Aardvark?

An aardvark uses it long nose to sniff out ants. Our pink aardvark is an "Aadvark" because it sniffs out beacons that host ads and coupons!


Final Mocks