Achilles was a final project for ENGN1010: The Entrepreneurial Process, a legendary course at Brown University. 

Achilles is a cross-platform, software as a service (SaaS) product that helps restaurants manage costs by optimizing the quantity and price of their inventory purchases. Achilles offers two services to restaurant owners: food waste management and food cost management.

Specifically, Achilles offers three differentiated benefits:

1. Inventory Tracking: With an interface designed for the "consumerization of the enterprise", users can easily track and update inventory counts.

2. Analytics: Predictive food ordering and pricing solutions that eliminate inventory over/shorts and associated waste.

3. Ordering: Automated creation, submission, and receipt of orders by direct integration with supply chain partners.

The Achilles Interface

Currently, many restaurants avoid using digital inventory solutions because existing interfaces are difficult to use and require a steep learning curve. 

“It’s [existing software] crap with a big learning curve”.

– Frank, Co-owner, Rosedale (Sports Bar & Grill, Providence RI) 

Achilles features a well designed interface consistent with consumer product standards. It offers a configurable design allowing restaurants to customize the software to their needs.

1. Inventory Tracking

On the inventory screen, the user views and updates inventory counts and prices. The metrics included in the inventory table are configurable to restaurants needs. This screenshot features typical restaurant inventory metrics such as theoretical counts and actual counts.

“This looks like what we normally do but on a clip board. Maintaining our inventory through something like Achilles would be incredibly helpful.”
– Joelle, Den Den (Korean Fusion Restaurant, Providence RI) 

Quickly find items in your inventory with smart search features

Easily update an items inventory count

2. Analytics

The analytics screen provides the user a visual overview of their inventory. The charts are again configurable to a restaurant’s interests and needs, including data visualizations and predictive analytics charts such as “Inventory Cost per Month”, “Forecasted Beef Prices”, and “Percent Change in Usage”.

“Tools like these graphs would be helpful instead of the guesswork we usually do. For example, as the weather gets colder, the chef thinks we’re going to sell more soup, so he places orders accordingly.” – Joelle, Den Den (Korean Fusion Restaurant, Providence RI) 

3. Ordering

Achilles tracks a restaurant's food usage and is able to suggest reorder quantities based on food consumption and inventory counts. This saves the restaurant money by preventing them from over ordering and creating food waste. 

A suggested quantity is given when a user reorders an item.

The suggested quantity can be tapped and auto fills the form.

All orders live in a single invoice that automatically updates as users updates orders in their inventory. An order across multiple vendors can be placed with the touch of one button.