Groupr is a social network app concept that divides your digital connections based on real life social divisions. 

I conceptualized and designed the application by myself as final project for the Brown University fall 2014 course, Designing User Interfaces. Note: This project is in no way associated with Google or meant to be a Google application.

The Project

The concept for the app was inspired by a presentation given at Google by UX Designer Paul Adams. The presentation was essentially the proposal for Google+. I decided to take the proposal and act as if I was the product designer for the feature.

I aimed at solving the problem: How can a digital social network represent our real life connections? 

Persona: James

A social college grad that balances friends from home, school, and work.


  • Overwhelmed by all the social media profiles he has to maintain
  • Protective over his online identity


  • I wish my social networks were all in once place
  • I am tired of untagging myself from pictures my friends tag me in that I don't want my family to see


  • "I like to stay in touch with my friends and family online."
  • "My online image is importan to me."


  • Has multiple social media accounts to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers
  • Is careful about what he posts where

Pain Points

Online social networks don't reflect our real life social connections

Understanding our online presence is difficult

Controlling who sees our content is complicated and takes extra work



Final Mocks